Liquid Flavorings Paks...

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Liquid Flavorings Paks...

Postby rattattoo » Sun Sep 06, 2015 11:39 am

It's a lovely Labor Day Sunday up here in southern Maine. I was just sitting on my porch, and sucking on one of those "Freezie-Pop" tube dealies for kids that I bought 24 for a dollar at the Fell-Off-A-Truck-Stop. Sucked it empty and then I wondered if those 10 inch long plastic tubes could be resealed... With something of my choice inside...??
Y'all know how I hate waste.

Sure enough, I filled one up with water, held the end in a pair of needle-nose pliers, ran a BIC lighter across the quarter inch overhang, then quickly slid the pliers up over the toasted end and clamped down....and bingo-bango-boingo... water-tight.
I gave it a pretty fair squeeze, and nothing leaked.

This looks like just the thing for those condiments that you can't find elsewhere… like Worcestershire sauce, or your own favorite-fire-in-the-hole. I'll bet you could even seal up "Shooters" of your fireside tipple.
I think we have another winner from the Moosenut Falls Development Labs!



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Re: Liquid Flavorings Paks...

Postby Norton » Mon Sep 07, 2015 8:52 pm

I could see other uses for that system as well, you could seal up itmes to keep them dry for boating or even hiking.
One time use items like gravy packet, or powdered milk. Mix it up at camp site and then toss the sleeve in the fire.
No container to re-pack. Good field craft tip thank you :D

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Re: Liquid Flavorings Paks...

Postby steve1989 » Tue Sep 08, 2015 8:50 pm

Nice trick, rattatoo! It's funny, I was just telling a good friend of mine on our last camping trip about your super nifty way to heat MRE pouches via black garbage back on a hot car dashboard and he thought it was brilliant.

Now you just provided another cool trick and on top of it, it gives me an excuse to relive my early childhood eating those silly Freeze Pops that they would give out every Friday at P.E. in school! Awesome! :D
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